The campsite 3 stars "LA REGATE" is in a natural setting on the edge of a lake of 550 ha.


Located near of the town Léran.

We are halfway between Carcassonne and Foix and 80 km from Andorra.

At the limit of the Ariege and Aude, the campsite enjoys the benefits of two departments: the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of highlands of the Aude.

This lake is for to support the low water.

Around the lake, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains , watered by a generous and warm sun.

You will live to "LA REGATE", a holiday getaway.


Tie yourself to the "LA REGATE"!!

In an idyllic setting, with its pine trees, on the sandy beach, on the edge of the pool, with the backdrop of the Pyrenean Mountains, you can enjoy, at leisure, the pleasures of water to the mountain:

  • Naviguer, on a pedal boat, canoe, windsurf, sail boat, catamaran
  • or you can to fish on fishing boat carp, pike or other fishs...
  • Swim, wade or make sand castles, wander on foot, horseback
  • or bike on the many trails hiking...


This is the cocktail of activities at the "LA REGATE".

Here, everyone can compose his holidays tailored to their desires: foot in the water at the foots of the Ariege's mountain.